Quality politics

Quality politicsALYCO TOOLS, S.A. is a company whose mission is to know and structure the needs of a heterogeneous clientele in the hardware market, with products of proven quality, adequate price and efficient service, in order to obtain a benefit for the people involved and customer satisfaction. within a dynamic of innovation and improvement of processes and product performance.

ALYCO's values ??are customer orientation, honesty, competitiveness and commitment to people.At ALYCO we believe that we can achieve these objectives through continuous quality improvement in its processes, products and services.

ALYCO understands by quality the conformity to the agreed standards or requirements to obtain customer satisfaction.

ALYCO's Management undertakes to meet the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 9001 standard and legal and regulatory requirements, and to promote the continuous improvement of its processes and products, and to seek customer satisfaction.

This policy is developed through the quality objectives according to the processes developed in it.

These objectives are reviewed annually and discussed in the different committees.

This Policy is made known to the entire staff as well as to new hires, and must govern the daily work of everyone at ALYCO. In addition to being available to interested parties from the website: www.alycotools.com.

Quality improvement is achieved through a continuous process, which requires a systematic and planned effort towards prevention, rather than correction of defects.

The improvement of quality must pass through the conviction and participation in the quality policy of all suppliers, whether they are internal or external to society.

To achieve quality improvement, the Management expects that all employees are aware of and actively participate in this policy, and endeavors that all receive the necessary and appropriate training. Quality improvement is a primary responsibility of Management and the competence of all employees.

This Policy will be revised based on changes in the company.


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